Friday, June 16, 2006

Plot of 4th episode of the God's Companion series

God's Companion 4

In preparation during 2006, the plot line may contain some of the main stories from the novel which have not yet been included in God's Companion 1, 2 or 3.

These may include:

Details of the terrorist attack on the genetic manipulation research center.

The guards fight against those invincible Liberators who attack from nowhere and dissapear after killing their victims with a chormium shaft shot from crossbows.

Loitnant Jones and the undercover team at Companion R&D as they struggle to capcture and protect the new illegally produced genetically modified animals we all know as Compies

Taking the new Companion prototypes to the safe house and the effect they have on the undercover team. (Revist the scene of Chan at the think tank seen in GC1 )
The running time of all the scenes is likely to total 25 mins.

Release date: Spring 2008


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